Evaluation Time

Finally, after being in Thailand for almost a month. We needed to say goodbye and did the evaluation as the final activities that we should finish. From all the evaluation, these are the conclusion. 
1. Purposes of Practicum
There are some reasons to be my reason to join this program. Hope that through this program I will get the teaching experiences in other country, try to understand more the differences between Thai and Indonesia in education system, cultural, religions, and others. Then, I would like to wide my friendship through this program. Also, in the end of this program I would like to share, share, and share for everything that I’ve got during the program in Thailand. The last, I would like to promote the special tourism from my city to other country. Therefore, Banjarmasin will be well-known as well.
2. Procedures of Practicum
I did my training in Thailand for 1 month. There are some of procedures that I have to follow as the guidance such as in the first week is for observat…

Teaching Time!

Having been done with planning teaching by getting two approvals from Ajan Noii and Ajan Abby, I prepared the materials and instructional media. I used PPT as main instructional media. Then, I also played some of games which were related to the materials to make the students enjoyed the lesson. I played some of English songs and group work for the students. To measure the students understanding, I used worksheet as the evaluation. I used colored and pictures evaluations most to make students felt interested to do the evaluation.

The Teaching Practice
1. Procedures of Teaching
Indonesia and Thailand have the differences in conducting the teaching practice. In Indonesia, I usually use scientific approach which contains observing, questioning, associating, exploring, and communicating as the teaching procedures. However, in Thailand teaching procedures are divided into motivation/warm up, presentation, practice, production/activities and wrap-up. Thailand used more simple teaching procedu…

Assistant Time

In the second week, I still needed to conduct the observation in the class while preparing my teaching plan. I observed two classes from Teacher Noii, but I also joined to observe Teacher Nitti class. Here are the pictures of my observation.

After observing to some classes. I concluded Teacher-Centered Method as teaching method which was commonly used during my observation. Teacher as the source of the knowledge. Teacher played the most important roles. Learning material and innovation also came from the teachers. Sources of learning came from teacher through Power Point which was made by teachers. Exercises which always used by teachers were Kahoot games and worksheets.
Teaching Plan
Since I was assigned to teach in the end of semester. The students has finished their materials in curriculum and books. Therefore, I teached material which was chosen by training teacher. I didn’t use the curriculum as the guideliness, just the topics. The students teacher also gave me the format and …

Introduction of SSRU

January 22, was the orientation day. After taking breakfast at hotel, we were going to Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University by taking a van. As we arrived in university, we went to 1132 room. The room looked really nice, neat, and comfortable. In that moment also the first time I met my coordinator, Dr. Araya Lee and Dr. Sumalee. We also met the Dean of Education Faculty and all the lecturers, including my advisor, Ms. Abby. She comes from Philipiphines and she is really nice, motivational, and full of inspiations. I love you, Ajan. We did the orientation such as the introduction of the history and the education sytem in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Then, in the end of the time we met our buddies, my buddy name is Yoseph. I call him Yoo. He is really nice, helpful, and care. Its like I got the younger brother here, because he is still in the first year while I’m in the fourth year.

After meeting, we were invited to walk around the campus. The campus is really good. All the faciliti…

First Day in Thailand

Here is the time. The time that we would go to Thailand after preparing lot of things.
I had to take the plane from Banjarmasin to Jakarta first before the flight from Jakarta to Bangkak. At 4 pm, my family took me to the Aiport of Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin. We went to Jakarta with 7 friends from UNLAM. They’re Laila, Lina, Yanti, Syifa, Normi, Ratna, and Feyzar. It was really sad, completely sad. It is because I’ve never gone abroad and its without my family. Then, when we wanted to enter the check in counter, I couldnt hold my tears. Taraaaaa, I cried. Too embarrasing. Yes, it was :’)
After putting our luggages and went to waiting room. It was announced at our flight was delayed for an hour. Then, we just waited and prayed for Maghrib first before leaving Banjarmasin to Jakarta.

Finally, after being on the air for about an hour and forty minutes our plane was landed at Soekarna Hatta Airport. We put our luggages and had to say goodbye, because Syifa, Normi, Ratna, and Feyzar were …

SEA-Teacher Project Batch 5

This blog is intended to share all of my experiences in other country, Thailand.
At the first, I’d like to share about the program which helps me to achieve my dream to go abroad. Here is it. What is SEA Teacher? The SEA Teacher Project or the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia” is a project that aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.  Based on the SEAMEO seven priority areas for the eleven SEAMEO Member countries to work together to improve the quality of education in Southeast Asia, “Revitalizing Teacher Education” is one of the priority areas in building and strengthening capacity of teachers in the region. Objectives of the Project 1.To enable pre-service student teachers to develop their teaching skills and pedagogy 2.To encourage the pre-service student teachers to practice their English skills 3.To allow the pre-serv…